Trollbeads 30th Anniversary bracelet 2006

In the words of Trollbeads themselves …. This bracelet was released in celebration of Trollbeads’ 30 year anniversary. The anniversary bracelet symbolizes the flow of time. It reveals the 30 year history of Trollbeads in all its many shapes, colours and patterns; exhibiting Trollbeads’ state of the art design & craftsmanship.

30th Anniversary Bracelet

From the beginning of life, peeping out from a pram, and the myriad of colours in the palette of the glass beads, to the refection of textile design over three exciting decades.

This period has also seen romance, mirrored in its flowers and trolls.

The strong touch of Danish history and its tradition has not been forgotten. Denmark’s famous Viking warships, once majestically decorated, are echoed in the beads.

The bracelet is held securely together by a wise troll with 30 years in his backpack. And last, but not least, the golden ‘heart beat’ in 18ct gold adds the final touch to this exquisite bracelet.

Almost all the beads on the bracelet were Limited Editions and only released as part of this set. Only the chain and freshwater pearl continued to be a part of the Trollbeads collection. Just 5000 bracelets were released worldwide and every bracelet has its own serial number carried on an engraved bead.

The bracelets were pre-assembled and the full package contains:

  • Troll shades
  • White Pearl
  • Textile
  • Heartbeat (gold)
  • Caterpillar (aka Green Striped Bud)
  • Beginning of Life (silver)
  • Prism
  • Flowers (silver)
  • Two Trolls
  • Stripe of the Sea
  • Viking Knot
  • Number block ( 0000 / 5000 )
  • Troll Lock
  • Bracelet
  • Leather box with a small leaflet

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