X by Trollbeads Christmas Collection 2013

X by Trollbeads Christmas 2013 collection sees the  introduction of a new lock and two new links.  These three new additions embrace a love theme as opposed to a traditional festive Christmas theme.

All images are X by Trollbeads stock images – please do not reproduce without crediting. 

Heart Within Lock   £52
Heart Within Lock £52

The Heart Within lock is a great complement to the silver and gold versions of the single ‘Heart Within’ link and the matching silver ‘Double Heart Within’ link from the launch release. This lock is subtle enough for everyday wear, but also makes a great addition to any Valentines themed release.

XOXO   £44
XOXO £44

Another double link which is in a similar style to the ‘Love’ link from the launch collection. Again, both of these will be very fitting come Valentines Day. 

Honey Cubs   £62
Honey Cubs £62

Honey Cubs is the most expensive of the three pieces, however this is reflected in the amount of detail that has been put into the cubs. There is already a single link featuring a bear (Hugging Bear) from the launch release, however that bear does not have the same amount of detailing.

This is a small release, particularly when compared with the original Trollbeads line Christmas releases,. This however is a not a bad thing for many Trollbeads collectors, as this year has seen many new releases and limited editions (particularly with reference to the original Trollbeads line).


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