Trollbeads Spring 2014!

Today I got my first glimpse at the Trollbeads Spring 2014 collection.

The first views show what looks like an Arabian / desert theme, with glass beads similar in style to the ‘Pink Desert’ (61386) and ‘Blue Desert’ (61383) as seen in the Desert Sun kit (63043).  Embracing the desert theme is a silver camel sat upon a pink glittery glass ball.

The release also looks to boast a range of wildlife including a swan, a bird, a turtle, a rabbit, a snake and a fish. There appears to be an eagle’s head upon dark crystal that appears to be a cross between an amethyst and a ruby in colouration; and another similar style piece with a clear crystal. There is also another silver bead, which I cannot make out but appears to have woman or a fairy draped over it.

Other highlights look to be:

– two faceted stones, one a paler version of the Amazonite and the other a paler version of the Green Jasper – but what these stones are I don’t know.

– another couple of two tone faceted glass beads, similar to the style of the Saffron and Masala Facet beads from the Fall 2013 collection, but this time in blue with a red core and clear with a black core.

– two engraved beads in pink and blue, similar to those from the Fall 2013 release, but with self coloured cores.

This release looks to be an expensive one for me! What are your thoughts on the first glimpses so far??


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