2014 Spring colour trends

Here is the Pantone palette for Spring 2014:

Pantone-Palette Spring 2014
Pantone-Palette Spring 2014

The left hand side of the palette shows gentle blue, green, violet and sand – all colours which are prominent in Trollbeads’ Spring 2014 release. Equally interesting is the right hand side of the palette, which shows more vibrant shades of red, orange, purple and blue – which instantly brought to mind the Trollbeads Native Elements and Purple Heaven kits released for Fall 2013.  I am sure that this is no coincidence, and that Trollbeads designers are fully aware of the upcoming colour trends when designing their collections, however I think it is interesting to be able to see it in this way. It is also nice to know that the kits from Fall 2013 will still be bang on trend come the spring!

I am particularly fond of the Placid Blue and Hemlock colours – very serene!

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