Trollbeads Uniques and Critters

You may well have heard a number of rumours regarding the future availability of Trollbeads Uniques (also known as ooak). Consensus has it that there is no intention to stop the production of these beads, however the way that they are released may change for next year. Similar to the series of Small and Beautiful beads ( such as the Galaxy, Meteor, Peacock, Cherry Blossom, Stepping Stones, Umbrellas ad Spirograph), it is thought that in future, designs will changes every few months.  I missed out on some of the Small and Beautiful beads, and so I am hoping for the new designs to be just as eye-catching!

Another rumour, which seems to have been accepted as fact, is that there will be no further production of the Critter beads. These beads are what I would call ‘marmite beads’, some people  love them but some hate them. I do have to say though that I think they are much nicer beads when seen in the flesh. So if you are wanting to add any Critters to your collection, now would be a prudent time to do so, especially as a number of retailers are having sales  on their existing Unique stock.

Here are some examples of the critters:

Please do not reproduce without crediting.
Please do not reproduce without crediting.

Are you a fan of the Critter beads? Are there any Small and Beautiful beads that you are still hunting for??


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