Review of UK Limited Edition Trollbead from TrollbeadsHeaven

A couple of days ago I posted some stock images of a limited edition bead that had been destined for a UK event, but apparently ended up being forgotten about in a safe for a number of years. Well, today it arrived, and I am pleased to say that it surpasses my expectations!

On first glimpses of the stock image, it reminded me of a more intricate version of the production bead ‘Dew Drops’. On seeing the bead in person, it certainly has some similarities to the Dew Drops bead, but is far far more intricate – both in terms of pattern and colouration. The air bubbles near the tips of the green fronds actually remind me of dew drops on the end of a blade of grass.

As you can see from the photos below, the bead boasts a number of colours including: gold, beige, brown, white, blue, turquoise, pistachio, green, and a lovely hint of burnt orange or copper. The colours that appear more prominent in the bead vary, depending on what light you are looking at it under and what it is placed next to. Here I have placed it along side Dew Drops, Traces and the retired Blue Green Feather to show the colour ranges within the bead and the different potential combinations it could be put with.

Please do not reproduce image without crediting.
Please do not reproduce image without crediting.

To me, this is a stunning and very versatile bead, that would definitely not look out of place nestled among some of the beads from the upcoming Spring 2014 release!

I would love to hear from any readers who have this bead as to how they have decided to style it – so please feel free to comment below!

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