Trollbeads Christmas Love 64611

Following on from my review of the blue kit ‘Elegant Christmas’ from the Trollbeads Christmas 2013 releases, here is an overview of the red kit, Christmas Love (64611 – £192).

The individual names of the beads in this kit are: Loving Hearts, Love Lights, Love Sparkle, Kiss Under the Mistletoe, Festive Love and Budding Love. The beads retail individually for £32.

Here are Trollbeads stock images of the kit and the individual beads:

Trollbeads Christmas Love kit
Trollbeads stock images – please do not reproduce without crediting.

Love 1Love 2Love 3Love 4Love 5Love 6

This kit is in more traditional festive colours, and I feel that it goes perfectly with the silver ‘Christmas Heart’ (11292), and also the silver ‘Singing in the Snow’ (11372) which are also part of the Christmas release.

These beads also lend themselves perfectly towards a Valentines themed bracelet. Although my personal preference is the blue kit, I do see a lot of potential for the ‘Love Lights’ and ‘Budding Love’ beads from this kit.

Again, as with the blue set, there is also a set of three Red Christmas Ornaments (sc63706 – £156) that compliment the glass beads.

Christmas Ornaments Red
Trollbeads stock image – please do not reproduce without crediting.

Which kit do you prefer?

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