Trollbeads Elegant Christmas 64612

Today, whilst putting up the Christmas tree, I realised that I had not given any coverage of the Limited Edition Christmas glass sets. As I am not fortunate enough to have the full sets, I am unable to give in depth reviews of the beads, however I thought it still appropriate to give them a mention!

First I will cover the blue set, Elegant Christmas (64612 – £192). The names of the individual beads in this kit are: Elegant Swirls, Elegance in Blue, Elegant Sparkle, Blue Kiss, Party Elegance, Elegant Bud. The beads are available individually for £32.

Here are the stock images from Trollbeads:

Trollbeads stock images - please do not reproduce without crediting.
Trollbeads stock images – please do not reproduce without crediting.

Elegant 1 Elegant 2 Elegant 3 Elegant 4 Elegant 5 Elegant 6

I normally lean towards more pastel shades when it comes to bead choice, however something about this kit captured my attention. It is indeed ‘elegant’.  From what I have seen, there is quite a bit of variation, however the bead are all very complimentary to each other.

The second bead in the kit (Elegance in Blue) has a spirograph / feather design and varies from a very pale and fine ‘thread like’ version to a deeper and more ‘ribbon like’ version – it is quite a versatile bead as it would go equally as well on a beach themed bracelet as a Christmas bracelet.

The third bead (Elegant Sparkle) has lovely molten drops, reminiscent of the ‘Meteor’ beads from the Uniques ‘Small & Beautiful’ range. An amazing bead for a ‘night sky’ or ‘galactic’ theme.

The fifth bead in this kit (Party Elegance) has me in a split mind as to whether or not I like it – it is a pretty bead, however I do not think it looks quite the same as the stock image, and I personally feel that the stock image is my preference with this bead.

The sixth bead varies quite a lot in the size and number of buds. My version has fewer but larger buds, with plenty of champagne-coloured glass to surround the core and reflect the light. A very pretty bead that would not look out of place in a spring theme bracelet, or any bracelet that depicts deep shades of blue and green.

My least favourite two beads are the first (Elegant Swirls) and fourth (Blue Kiss) of the kit, hence why I have left them until the end of this review. Although they are nice, they do not stand out for me as being far enough different, nor more special, from the standard Uniques range.

However, as I said before, something about this set just captures me. From this set, I have indulged in the Elegant Bud, Elegant Sparkle and Elegance in Blue. At some point I will picture the bracelet I have created with them as a little inspiration.

To compliment the blue glass beads, there are also three Blue Christmas Ornaments (sc63707 – £156). This idea of a Christmas bauble appeared last Christmas, however featured a number of unique designs. This year, there are just three designs of blue ornament, and a further three red ornaments to complement the red glass set. Although intended to be sold as a set, some retailers may split them and sell them individually.

Christmas Ornaments Blue
Trollbeads stock image – please do not reproduce without crediting.

Do you have this set? What do you think to this years ornaments?

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