Inspiration – ‘Gentle Whisper’

Today, as an ispiration, I thought I would share my favourite bracelet composition. The colour palette is a range of soft pinks, creams, and golden browns.

Please do not reproduce without crediting.
Please do not reproduce without crediting.

The soft warm tones in this composition, along with the pretty silvers, give a very delicate and feminine feel to the bracelet. The name ‘Gentle Whisper’ describes not only the colours but also bead choice. Nestling amongst the glass are fairies, butterflies, tiny flowers, feathers and leaves; along with the glass bead ‘Fireflies’. It reminds me of  a magical garden at dawn or dusk.

Two precious stones, rose quartz and golden quartz and a luxurious feel to the bracelet, whilst the two pink prisms add a bit of sparkle as they reflect the light. A Conch bead adds a bit of subtle texture.

The bracelet is then finished off with the beautiful and elegant Swan lock (10115).

Beads from left to right: Cream Armadillo (61442), Fairy (11108), Dew Drops (61430), Mountain Flower (1160), Pink Prism (60185), LE Chinese Zodiac Goat (le-11401-8), Fireflies (61426), Angel Feathers (11337), Golden Quartz (80107), Autumn Splendour (11357), Conch (61415),  Forget-me-not (11262), Rose Quartz (80101), Butterflies (11320), Pink Prism (60185), Fairy (11108), White Paper Fold (61441). 

Please feel free to let me know what you think of this bead combination. Over the holidays I will try to get some more inspiration bracelets on here.

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