X by Trollbeads ‘Bloom X Bite’ Spring 2014 collection

X by Trollbeads Spring 2014 collection ‘Bloom X Bite’ made its debut on 26th February 2014.

The collection has a very elegant, timeless and feminine feel to it, somewhat different to the generally more urban and edgy pieces  currently in the collection. This is in a good way though, and goes to demonstrate the versatility of the X by Trollbeads brand.

For those of you who have not yet been tempted with X by Trollbeads, this release may well be the one to turn your head!

Ten new silver double links make their debut in this release. The central theme is one of flora and fauna – very fitting for a Spring release – and this is reflected in the name of the collection, ‘Bloom X Bite’ .

Below are details of the new links:

All images are Trollbeads stock images – please do not reproduce without crediting. 

Bug Me   £44
Bug Me   £44
Lucky   £50
Lucky   £50
Silly Dolphins   £50
Silly Dolphins   £50
Poppy Decadence   £50
Poppy Decadence   £50
Flow   £50
Flow   £50
Hummingbird   £58
Hummingbird   £58
Slow Down   £58
Slow Down   £58
Loving Flamingos   £58
Loving Flamingos   £58
Bloom   £62
Bloom   £62
Nesting   £62
Nesting   £62

Although there were a few floral themed links in the launch collection (Flower, Leaves and Bunch of Flowers), they were not as intricately detailed as these new links. Poppy Decadence has to be my favourite link from this release, and that is down to the beautiful detailing on the flower.

Below are some of X by Trollbeads campaign images, showing the links being used in various bracelet compositions. These give a good idea of the aesthetically pleasing style that can be achieved.

BloomXBite_01_Shadow copy BloomXBite_bracelet_02_Shadow copy BloomXBite_Bracelet_03_shadow copy

I would love to hear what people think of this new release. Do you prefer the timeless and elegant feel to the new pieces or do you lean more toward the contemporary and urban pieces??

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