Trollbeads Limited Edition Cherry Blossom Collection

Today saw the unveiling of something very spectacular, in fact so spectacular that it literally took my breath away ….. the new Limited Edition Cherry Blossom collection. The collection will make its debut on 11th April.

Trollbeads Cherry Blossom Emerald Fantasy Collection
Trollbeads promotional image – please do not reproduce without crediting.

The collection comprises of a breathtakingly stunning new emerald fantasy necklace.  Not only does the necklace boast a beautiful emerald stone (which also made its first appearance in the Spring 2014 release), it goes one step further by having beautiful cherry blossom detailing at the top where the chain attaches. The necklace is available in two lengths – 80cm or 90cm. The Fantasy Necklace with Emerald will retail at €240 (approx £198 ) for the 80cm and €255 (approx £211) for the 90cm.

The standard Fantasy Necklace with Pearl or Onyx retails at £124 for a 90cm chain, the higher price presumably accounts for the emerald stone and  the cherry blossom detailing . However, I do feel that the higher price tag is justifiable, and it definitely does not put me off acquiring the full collection.

Also included in the release is the Cherry Blossom splitter pendant and matching Emerald earrings (hooks are not included but are available as part of the main collection) . The Cherry Blossom Pendant retails at €58 (approx £48) and the Emerald Earrings at €72 (approx £59).

If the cherry blossom design looks familiar, it is probably because of the two existing cherry blossom designs in the main collection – the Cherry Blossom Bead and Cherry Blossom earrings.

Trollbeads stock image - please do not reproduce without crediting.
Trollbeads stock image – please do not reproduce without crediting.
Trollbeads stock image - please do not reproduce without crediting.
Trollbeads stock image – please do not reproduce without crediting.

I have the Cherry Blossom earrings in my own collection, they are so feminine and delicate, and they also match perfectly with the pieces from this new collection.

It is worth noting that as emerald is a natural stone, there will be some degree of variation in the intensity of colour and markings, as with the Emerald bead from the Spring 2014 collection, and of course most other natural stones.

I am wondering whether the Cherry Blossom Pendant and perhaps the earrings will make their way into the main collection? As it stands for now though, the collection as a whole has been termed Limited Edition. There is no definitive idea as to how limited this collection will be, so if you are intent on getting this collection, I would recommend getting it sooner rather than later as I envisage it being extremely popular.

In conclusuion, I really cannot wait for this release. It it a perfect Spring / Summer piece, and one which can warrant the price tag due to the amount of wear it will most definitely get!

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