Trollbeads People’s Bead 2014 – The Missing Bead

Here it is … Trollbeads People’s Bead 2014! …. The Missing Bead!

Trollbeads Peoples Bead 2014
Trollbeads campaign image – please do not reproduce without crediting.



GET DESIGNING (now until 22nd April): Trollbeads want you to show them which bead you feel is missing from the Trollbeads collection. Design ‘The Missing Bead’. Your design can be a sketch, a clay model, a wax model or however you want to create it!

SUBMIT YOUR DESIGN (now until 22nd April): To submit your idea you will need to log in to

VOTE FOR YOUR FAVOURITE (April 29th to May 4th):this is your chance to vote for your favourite from the top 100 designs.

WINNER ANNOUNCED (September 19th): The winning designer gets his/her own bead in 18 carat gold and a $5000 designer fee. The winning bead will join the collection to purchase on October 10th.

RULES: The design must be your own original design, It must show the bead on a chain. You must say why your entry is The Missing Bead.

* Please note that for some reason the ‘Entry Terms and Conditions’ would not allow me to view them?

I have already entered. Sadly I forgot to crop my images before attaching them to my submission, so in the submissions gallery they don’t stand out as I wanted them to. Here are my designs – ‘Fallen Angel’ and ‘Cerapter’:

Peoples Bead 2014


‘Fallen Angel’:  A fallen angel is said to represent ‘a person jaded by life but who has not let it destroy their inner beauty or compassion’.  Why is this bead missing from the collection? Trollbeads effortlessly combines magical, mystical and modern day. This bead and the meaning behind it encompass all of that. A magical being, from a mystical place, living in todays world. We are all beautiful and all equal, whatever path our life takes us.  This bead would sit upright on a bracelet, with the chain passing through the wings on the back, then under the angels arms and through the knees before passing back out through the other side of the wings. I initially envisaged this bead being smaller than the pictures depict in comparison to the size of the chain, however without making it in a 3D version I could not tell how it would pass through the body. Unfortunately, whilst I am able to sketch I do not having any experience of sculpting!

Peoples Bead 2014


‘Cerapter’ or ‘Flight of Fantasy’: This bead is intended to represent a winged unicorn. A mix of a unicorn and pegasus, this mythical beauty is referred to by a number of names including unipeg, alicorn, pegacorn and cerapter, though there does not seem to be a definitive answer as to its correct name. ‘Cerapter’ is the greek name for a flying unicorn, originating from the greek ceros (meaning horn) and pteros (meaning wing). An alternative more magical name to the bead may be something along the lines of ‘Flight of Fantasy’. On this bead, the chain would go through the underside of the horse, pass through the middle of the body and come out inbetween the wings (which I have tried to depict as two separate indentical wings as opposed to them being joined closed together).  Why is this bead missing in the collection? I love the magical, mythical Trollbeads designs, and would like to see more of these. I think a unicorn or a pegasus would make a stunning addition to the collection. With Trollbeads, possibilities are endless and the only limit is your imagination, so why not have a unicorn and pegasus in one bead!

Will you be submitting any designs??


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