Trollbeads Skeleton Necklace Review

Today brings a review of Trollbeads most limited and eclectic release  to date …. the Skeleton Necklace. Whilst this was released back in 2010, I have only just managed to become the lucky owner of one, with many thanks to a lovely lady called Sharon!

Trollbeads Skeleton Necklace

In the UK, the release was limited to 25 pieces, and each skeleton came with its own coffin-style black presentation box. Limited numbers were also released in other parts of Europe and the US, though from what I understand, the presentation case was UK only.

Trollbeads Skeleton Necklace

The necklace comes with a 50cm silver chain and plain lock.

The Skeleton is comprised of the following parts:

The Head

The head features a skull on one side, and a human-like face on the the other.

Trollbeads Skeleton Necklace Trollbeads Skeleton Necklace

The Trollbead stamp (925S LAA) is on the underside of the chin.

Trollbeads Skeleton NecklaceThe Neck

The neck comprises of two parts, the silver bones and an 18ct gold neck decoration, a small sun circle , which slots into the neck.

P1020903 P1020904 P1020905

The Rib Cage and Arms

The ribs cage and arms come in one piece. The arms are jointed at the shoulder, elbow and wrist.

P1020906 P1020907 P1020908

The Spinal Column

The spinal column consists of five individual vertebrae, which have each been numbered 1-5.

P1020899 (2)

The Pelvis and Legs

The pelvis and legs come in one piece, and as with the arms, the legs are jointed at the hip, knee  and ankle.

P1020912 (2) P1020913 P1020915 (2)

This is a truly exceptional piece,  and the attention to detail is amazing. Despite the eeriness of a skeleton, this one is actually very endearing. The way it hangs and dangles seems to bring it to life and give it a character of its own.

The Skeleton is a focal piece and beautiful in its own right, however there is the option to add beads along the spinal  column in between the vertebrae. Whilst just a couple of beads can add a lovely splash of colour, too many detract from the beauty of the piece itself.

Trollbeads Skeleton NecklaceTrollbeads Skeleton Necklace





2 thoughts on “Trollbeads Skeleton Necklace Review”

  1. I am so very pleased that “Derek” has a new home. It has been a great shame to part with him however I know he will be cherished. I am so pleased that his new owner Elsa is such an avid collector of trollbeads and that he debuts here in this blog. He is an amazing piece of jewellery made and designed with skilled craftsmanship and attracts attention from everyone when worn. Superb photos. Sharon

    1. Thank you Sharon. He is absolutely treasured. I have worn him every day since he arrived. He has had his own fashion show, trying on virtually every bead in my box …. not sure how impressed he was when I dressed him in pink and flowery beads though 😉

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