Trollbeads LE Tranquil Fantasy Lavender Bead

The Limited Edition ‘Tranquil Fantasy’ bead (62907) is larger than most of the standard glass beads and measures approximately 18mm by 8mm. As the name suggests, this bead is intended to be worn as a focal point on Trollbeads Fantasy Necklaces, and looks stunning on the Fantasy Necklace with Pearl. Whilst it can also be worn on a bracelet, it is substantially bigger than regular production beads, and probably works best as a focal point surrounded by silvers or pearls. It retails for £39 GBP.

Tranquil Lavender Fantasy bead
Trollbeads Stock Image – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting


The bead itself has a lovely blue coloured core, rich but still soft. At the surface are iridescent purple toned bubbles, edged with cream, arranged in a scales pattern coming from the top edge of the bead.  The depth of purple colour of these bubbles ranges between more lilac, pink, blue or deeper pruple hues. Therefore, the overall appearance of the beads can vary from appearing lighter to somewhat deeper in colour. In between the bubbles are raised white dots.

Below is Trollbeads UK marketing of the bead. It is worth noting that Trollbeads UK name it Trollbeads Tranquil Fantasy Lavender bead, whereas in other places I have just seen it named Trollbeads Tranquil Fantasy bead.

Trollbeads Tranquil Fantasy Lavender bead
Trollbeads UK image – please do not reproduce without crediting.



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