Trollbeads Fall 2014 US Launch Event Bead – Wings of Freedom

Following the unveiling of Trollbeads Fall 2014 collection, another image appeared on social media of a US specific launch event bead – Wings of Freedom (US11505) 

Trollbeads Fall 2014 Wings of Freedom
Trollbeads Stock Image – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting.

This Limited Edition bead depicts a beautifully detailed eagle, which is dedicated to the emblem of the USA, the bald eagle.

A trend already adopted in the US, we have seen the Limited Edition Launch Event Beads ‘Eternal Love’ and ‘Pink & Orange Armadillo’ beads, and more recently the Red Sponge Coral and Blue Sodalite. The Eternal Love and Armadillo (along with other colours Green & Purple, Red & Lavender and Mint & Lavender – not Launch Event beads but initially only in the US) eventually made their way over to Europe in limited availability (particularly the Eternal Love), however the Red Sponge Coral and Sodalite did not appear outside of the US. Therefore, there was initially some questions as to whether this bead would be limited to the US, however it has been confirmed that the bead should debut in Europe, albeit a little later, arriving in October. The bead will have a recommended retail price of £60 / €67 / $72.

This bead is definitely a ‘must-have’ for me, providing I can manage to get my hands on one!

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