Trollbeads Halloween 2014 Preview

Trollbeads have confirmed a Halloween release for 2014, however it is set to debut on 5th September, the same day as Trollbeads Fall 2014 collection. I think it would have been better to separate the releases, with the Halloween collection being released at the start of October, but I can only think it was set to coincide with the Fall collection release to allow space between those collections, the Peoples Bead 2014 and the Christmas release. Dates aside, what follows is a preview of some great additions to Trollbeads existing Halloween themed beads.

The release consists of one silver bead, one silver lock and a set of earrings.

Trollbeads Sleeping Bat
Trollbeads Sleeping Bat €51 / $56 / £45
Trollbeads Spooky Bats Lock
Trollbeads Spooky Bats Lock €52 / $57 / £45
Trollbeads Happy Bats Earrings
Trollbeads Happy Bats Earrings €52 / $57 / £42


The Sleeping Bat goes straight onto my wish list, and whilst the lock for me would be quite seasonal, I think it would look amazing with my Trollbeads Skeleton Necklace!!! Personally the earrings are not for me, however I do think that they make a nice quirky addition to the set.

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