Trollbeads Fall 2014 Review – Northern Forest Kit

Today brings live pictures and reviews of the Trollbeads Fall 2014 release. I have decided to split the review in two, focusing separately on each glass kit, with the silver and stone beads in among them. This post brings the Northern Forest Kit!

I have to admit, when I first saw the pre-release pictures of this kit, I didn’t actually think I would end up buying any of the beads, as my full focus was on the Eastern Facet kit. When I actually saw the beads though, my opinion quickly changed!

Northern Forest Kit
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This kit presents a vibrant and glossy set of beads that complement each other perfectly, and work brilliantly with the forest themed silvers.

Trollbeads Swaying Straws
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Trollbeads Little Bear
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Little Bear has be my favourite silver bead from this release, especially his little feet!  In the photos above, he is surrounded by Swaying Straws (left) and Brook Flowers (right). The vibrant green hue of Swaying Straws is iconic of the infamous Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) and perfectly captures green hue in the pre-release marketing image from Trollbeads below:


Joining Little bear in the forest theme is Squirrel.

Trollbeads Squirrel
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Trollbeads Autumn Foliage
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In the photos above, you can see him peeping out from behind Swaying Straws, with Autumn Foliage on the other side. Squirrel is a very sweet silver, and I love the detail of him clutching a nut. My only criticism of this bead is that it easily flips on a bracelet, unless he is firmly sandwiched between the beads either side of him. I often wear my bracelets not entirely full of beads, and so I find that stoppers placed at the last bead at each end of the chain work well to keep the beads in place, and also to keep beads with a tendency to flip in the right position.

Autumn Foliage has to be my favourite glass bead from this release. I found it hard to capture the full beauty of this bead in photos, as when you turn it in different lights, it displays both burnt orange and red tones, which aren’t captured fully here. However, you can see the red colour from the front, and if you look closely at the base of the bead, you can see the more orangey tone reflecting in the bottom of the glass.

Below shows the sweet little Fawn, nestled between Autumn Foliage and Mist Bubbles.

Trollbeads Fawn
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Fawn was high on my wish list when I first saw the pre-release pictures, as ‘Bambi’ was one of my favourite Disney films as a child. My youngest son was also fascinated by the young deer on a recent trip to a wildlife park, so this bead holds happy memories for me. I really like the curled up position of the fawn. It is one of those beads that on a first distant glance you do not see what it is, but then on a second close up look you see its full beauty.

Mist Bubbles is predominently blue, with green areas around the bubbles. However, on the bead edges towards the core the blue takes on a more purple colouration. I will be interested to see the amount of variation in these beads and whether some are more purple than others.

Next up is the Apple of Wisdom silver bead, with Brook Flowers on the left and Autumn Rays on the right.

Trollbeads Brook Flowers
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Apple of Wisdom is a small bead, but because of its round shape it does not get lost between other beads as some of the slimmer smaller beads do. It is a simple design but spaces the glass beads nicely. I really like the heart shape for the stalk. Here is is used in a forest theme, however I have ideas for it to be used to represent Snow White on a fairytale themed bracelet, perhaps with an icey blue / white / gold colour theme … so watch this space 😉

Brook Flowers is my second favourite glass bead of this kit. In the light, the green colour takes on the same hue as Swaying Straws, and the blue of the flowers is almost an electric blue, it really is stunning.

Autumn Rays is the perfect complement to both Swaying Straws and Autumn Foliage. Again, it is hard to capture the full beauty of this bead in a photo as when turned in the light it displays both beautiful burnt orange tones and red tones.

Finally, we have Forest Treasures sat between Autumn Rays (left) and Mist Ripples (right).

Forest Treasures
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Mist Ripples
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Forest Treasures is a very detailed bead from all angles. I really like the mushrooms / toadstools, however I cannot make my mind up on the little face. A sweeter more cheeky expression like a little elf or pixie would have been better as I feel this face is a little to eerie. However, that is just my personal opinion and the rest of the detail on the bead is really nice. Due to the irregular shape of the bead, it is however hard to properly sandwich it between other beads to prevent its tendency to spin.

Mist Ripples matches the colours of Mist Bubbles and Brook Flowers, though does not have any purple hue. This is another bead that I suspect may vary quite a bit in the ripple / wave design, so it will be interesting to see the variations that appear.

The Northern Forest Kit displays beautiful autumnal shades, but offers great versatility in other seasons. The reds and the greens carry perfectly through to Christmas, and the blue/green beads could work equally well on a tropical summery bracelet. Any criticisms of the Purple Heaven Kit not containing the characteristic green of the North Lights / Aurora Borealis are certainly dealt with in this kit.

To summarise this review I would just like to say that personally I feel this kit looks much better in reality than stock images, due to the way the beads catch the light. If you were not sure on this kit before, I would definitely recommend seeing the beads in person before making up your mind.




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