Trollbeads Fall 2014 Review – Eastern Facet Kit

This post brings the second part of my Trollbeads Fall 2014 review, focusing on the Eastern Facet Kit, some silvers and the stunning Lapis Lazuli. 

The Eastern Facet Kit was probably the most anticipated highlight of the Fall 2014 release … and it is easy to see why!

Trollbeads Eastern Facet Kit
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The first faceted bead I will talk about is Luminous Delight, shown in the photo below.

Trollbeads Luminous Delight Facet
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Trollbeads Dandelions
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It has to be said that Luminous Delight is nothing short of stunning. A beautiful rich amber colour detailed with what I would describe as petals which splay out from either side of the core, one side yellow, the other orange. The tones of this bead are very warm, and it is the perfect introduction to autumn, as well as being versatile enough to incorporate in to many a bracelet.

Next to Luminous Delight is the equally as beautiful silver Dandelions bead. Not only does this bead fit in well with the Northern Forest theme, it also works beautifully with the Birth Month Flower silvers from the Fall 2013 release.

Next to Dandelions is the Moonbeam Facet and Head of Buddha.

Trollbeads Moonbeam Facet
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Trollbeads Head of Buddha
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The Moonbeam Facet is an off-white base colour with striking black horizontal lines which are edged with ice blue. A contemporary design, this bead has the versatility to be used in many a bracelet, and would work equally as well in a bracelet with just a few beads as a full bracelet. It is a clean and crisp design that I have visions of appearing on a winter themed bracelet!

When I initially saw the pre-release images of the Head of Buddha, it wasn’t one of those beads at the top of my list, and I was not sure on its size. On seeing this bead in person though, I am so pleased that I have one. It is a delicate bead with nice detailing and really gives off an Eastern vibe to the bracelet. I have found that these Eastern  themed beads work really well the the Arabian Nights themed beads from the Spring 2014 release. I think it is great that it extends the use of the Spring release but with a new and fresh twist. It also injects some warmth into bracelets as we head into the cooler months.

Next to Head of Buddha is the Inner Strength Facet, followed by Spiritual Adornment.

Trollbeads Inner Strength Facet
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Trollbeads Spiritual Adornment
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The Inner Strength Facet is one that I really could not wait to see in person. I love the swirly core detailing and the pink-purple tinged glass. I would say that this is the bead that is least like the stock images, but nonetheless I love it. The swirls in the version that I am keeping differ slightly in colour around the bead, one swirl is more yellow, one more green,  one more creamy and one more more deep maroon / black. I have also seen another version of the bead which had more darker swirls which were uniform around the bead, and the glass was more of a deep red-pink tint that pink-purple tint. I think that it will be interesting to see the extent of variations within this bead.

Spiritual Adornment is quite a large silver bead but does not look heavy due to its cut-out design. It works equally as well with the Eastern Facet kit as the Northern Forest Kit.  It look really nice as a central focal bead on a bangle and also on a Fantasy Necklace.

The Harmony Facet is a beautiful blue toned bead with ‘jewel-like’ qualities.

Trollbeads Harmony Facet
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Trollbeads Harmony Facet
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The Harmony Facet is like a royal blue crystal, adorned with an eye-catching white and ice-blue wave around the circumference. The depth of colour is amazing, an when looking through the faceted glass it appears to go deep down inside the bead. Catching the light, the full beauty of this bead becomes apparent. Here I put it next to Zanzibar which was retired from the collection earlier this year, but still works great with the Eastern theme.

Below is the Harmony Facet on a Fantasy Necklace along with the new Giant Lotus Pendant and stunning Lapis Lazuli stone.

Trollbeads Giant Lotus Pendant
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The Giant Lotus Pendant is oh so pretty, and really makes a Fantasy Necklace into something special. I prefer its design to the Shadow Flower as you can see he bead underneath it. Nestled underneath is the amazing Lapis Lazuli. From a distance it looks like a lovely deep sapphire, whilst closer up you become aware of the beautiful gold specks within the bead. A bracelet full of these beads with just silver would look amazing! I found it really hard to capture the beauty of this bead in photographs, you even from just the one picture above, you can see the beautiful and uniform deep blue colour and a few gold specks. Here, I topped the necklace with the Lotus flower bead as opposed to the new Lotus Top which Trollbeads have used on this necklace within their marketing materials. It complements the Giant Lotus beautifully!

The final two beads of the Eastern Facet Kit are the Hope Facet and River of Life Facet.

Trollbeads Hope Facet
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Trollbeads Hope Facet
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Trollbeads River of Life Facet
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In the stock images, the Hope Facet appears to be more grey and black coloured, however the bead I have bears beautiful purple-heather tones on a pink-brown base. With the intricate star detailing it reminds me of a far away galaxy. I much prefer this bead  in person to the stock images, it is much warmer.

The River of Life Facet is sat between the Kaleidoscope  silver om the Spring 2014 release and the older Harmony silver. Again with this bead, I suspect there may be a small degree of variation, but from what I have heard so far it is pretty much standard and representational of the stock image. I like this bead as I can see it fitting in with a number of colour combinations and themes, and it works really well in this kit.

All of the faceted glass beads in the Eastern Facet Kit reflect the light beautifully. When wearing altogether on a bracelet, they sparkle as you turn your wrist and they catch the light.  Although these faceted beads carry a higher price tag, I definitely think this kit is worth it. Whilst I love the faceted beads, I am hoping that future releases do not always include a faceted kit. This is for a couple of reasons, firstly I think it would detract from how special this kit is, and secondly I think the price of these beads could prove quite prohibitive if they were released on a regular basis.

The cost aspect is the reason that I have not indulged in the Ganesha and some of the other Eastern themed silvers from this release. Whilst I thoroughly appreciate their beauty, they were not beads I could regularly see myself wearing, and so I have prioritised the full Eastern Facet Kit – after all, who could resist those beads!

Also at the back of my mind is the upcoming Christmas release. I have heard that the glass is stunning and so have put aside some funds for that!

I would love to hear other peoples thoughts on the release and particularly the faceted beads, so please feel free to comment!

2 thoughts on “Trollbeads Fall 2014 Review – Eastern Facet Kit”

    1. Hi Sandy, the Eastern Facet kit is stunning isn’t it! I love how when you wear all this kit together on a bracelet it glistens on your wrists as the faceted beads catch the light 🙂

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