Trollbeads JP Ageless Beauty Preview

Following pre-order images appearing publicly on UK retail websites and elsewhere on the web, here is an early look at the much anticipated ‘Ageless Beauty‘ glass bead (JP62301).

Trollbeads Ageless Beauty
Image rights to Trollbeads – Please do not reproduce without crediting.

This beautiful and intricate Limited Edition bead is designed by Nozomi Kaji, who previously designed the Limited Edition ‘Kimono Kit‘ and ‘Blooming Sakurafrom the World Tour Japan collection.

This bead is the second bead to follow in a recent ‘country specific’ theme (the other being ‘Wings of Freedom‘ for the US) and represents Japan. We have seen a similar theme before back in 2012 when Trollbeads released the Bavaria bead to celebrate the German tradition of Oktoberfest followed by Asian Hearts  which represented Asian culture

From what I understand, this bead will be available globally, however the release date may vary between regions in the same way that Wings of Freedom has seen a US debut before being available in Europe. October 18th is rumored as its first appearance, though I have no further details as to which region this will be in at this time. The price of the bead is suggested as £45 / €51 / $56.

Looking at the image, I can picture this bead looking stunning in combination with silvers and the retired Trollbeads Goldstone and Blue Goldstone, as they would not detract from the intricate detailing of this bead. It would work well as a single focal bead either on a bangle or a bracelet of silvers. Multiples of this bead would be lovely, but with the recent Fall release and upcoming Christmas release, the price of this bead may be a point of contention for some, especially as traditionally Limited Edition beads have been marketed at the £32, the same price point as Uniques.

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