Trollbeads Polished Silver Fantasy Necklace with Pearl

This blog post  brings news of a Trollbeads exclusive!! For the first time ever the Fantasy pearl necklace has been made in polished silver!

polished fantasy 3

Apparently it is only available in a very limited number of top Trollbeads stockists.

Yesterday, Argent Contemporary Jewellery (Leeds, UK) posted these beautiful pictures and details on their on their Facebook page

UK Polished Sahara Fantasy (2) UK Polished Fantasy (2)



The Polished Fantasy Necklace with Pearl (featuring a high shine rather than oxidised finish, in a 90cm length) is available individually for £125 or as part of the Sahara Polished Fantasy Gift Set for £165. (the gift set also includes the Giant Lotus Pendant and the Sahara Night Facet glass bead).

Will you be seeking out one of these necklaces or do you prefer the original oxidised version? Personally, I prefer the oxidised version, as it maintains the Trollbeads style; the polished version is venturing too near the style of Pandora and I am not overly keen on their highly polished charms as they look too sterile and machine made for my taste. No one can deny it is beautiful however and I am sure it will be sought after, particularly if it is only available in limited numbers. I still keep meaning to get a Fantasy Necklace with Black Onyx (I have never got round to getting one for some reason), and that would take priority for me.


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