X by Trollbeads LE Pink Links Inspiration

Following the release of X by Trollbeads Valentine’s 2015 collection, this blog post brings some inspiration with the Limited Edition Pink Links.

X by Trollbeads has recently undergone some changes with its marketing / branding. X by Trollbeads is now known as X Jewellery. I presume this is to further distance X  from the original Trollbeads line, as although both lines are from the Trollbeads company, they are separate brands with different concepts which will appeal to different target markets. I have still referred to them as X by Trollbeads as this is what most people will undoubtedly still call them until the new name of X Jewellery becomes familiar.

Anyway, back to the subject of the LE pink rubber X links. Whilst I am more of a ‘pastel person, I am most definitely a ‘pink person’, and as such I am drawn to anything pink, whatever the shade! These links are what I would call a ‘hot pink’, with cerise tones. Whilst they are a bit vibrant on their own, they look stunning combined with silver and black, and definitely draw attention to your wrist. I think they will get a lot of wear during the summer, and envisage wearing them with my long black maxi dress and strappy sandals. They will look even better against tanned skin!

I absolutely love the ‘Bloom X Bite’ release from Spring 2014, and have combined the pink links with these silvers, and also some black links, to create striking effects. So without further a do, here are some photos …

P1040030 P1040029 P1040031 P1040033 P1040032 P1040035 P1040036P1040028 (2) P1040032 (2) P1040037 P1040038

Have you succumbed to the pink links yet? I would love to hear what other people think of them and how you have styled them!

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