Trollbeads World Tour Beads available at Danish Retailer

This post is to alert readers to the fact that Danish retailer Perlen have received further stocks of the Trollbeads World Tour Beads from 2012.



As with any collection, some beads were more popular than others and became very sought after when stocks diminished. Perlen received a re-stock of the entire World Tour collection, though have sold out already at the time of writing.

I took the opportunity to snap up the Iron Wolf (Baltic States) and Mountain Crystal (Switzerland) which I missed initially and then struggled to find later on. Curious as to hype surrounding the ‘Game of Thrones’ TV series, which I somehow missed over the last five years,  I have spent the last month watching the last four years worth of series ready for series five which starts in a couple of weeks. Totally addicted, I have started to create a number of ‘Game of Thrones’ bracelets, and these beads are destined to feature on my bracelet for the House Stark of Winterfell.

If you are still hunting for any World Tour Beads,  please do check out Perlen here:—world-tour/

Bead Sensation based in the Netherlands also have some remaining stock—world-tour/

The World Tour Beads will complement the new City Beads Collection beautifully, so now is the perfect opportunity to snap up the ones that you want to add to your collection before they are gone for good!


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