Trollbeads Fall, Halloween & other releases

It has been relatively quiet on the Trollbeads front for the past few weeks, but this is all set to change with a full schedule for releases up to Christmas, and the possibility of some extra ones in between.

I do not have any pictures to share with you at the moment, so I will start off with a quick summary of the schedule and then give a bit more detail where I have some.

So, the provisional schedule up until the end of 2015 looks like this:

August 14th 2015 – Trollbeads Animale Fantastico

September 4th 2015 – Trollbeads Fall 2015

September 4th 2015 – Trollbeads Halloween 2015

October 9th 2015 – Trollbeads People’s Bead 2015

November 6th 2015 – Trollbeads Christmas 2015


Trollbeads Animale Fantastico

There has been some confusion as to whether this is part of the Fall 2015 collection, which has been given a staggered release, or a collection in its own right. Given that the collection has its own name, I suppose it could be taken either way.

The collection comprises of a range of fantasy pendants on the style of ‘Night Owl’ and ‘Jewel of the Sea’. The idea seems to be that you can mix and match to create your own mythical / fantasy creature. The designs include cat, elephant, fish, frog and mouse. The designs include a good amount of detailing, which I know is important to many collectors.

Also featuring are two new Fantasy Necklaces including an amethyst, and a green coloured stone. These are similar in size to the onyx fantasy necklace stone as opposed to the Limited Edition Amethyst Fantasy Necklace from 2010.


Trollbeads Fall 2015

This year’s fall collection has been named ‘Mythic Nature’. The name only excites me as this is a combination of my favourite themes.

This is quite a large release and below follows a summary of the collection. Pictures will follow as soon as I have them!


Trollbeads Blueberries of Youth
Trollbeads Curious Kitten
Trollbeads Dancing Butterfly
Trollbeads Dragonfly Beauty 
Trollbeads Holly Berry
Trollbeads Love Dragon
Trollbeads Mushroom                                                                                                       Trollbeads Mermaid of Wisdom                                                                                   Trollbeads Phoenix                                                                                                             Trollbeads Positive Change                                                                                           Tollbeads Rabbit of Magic                                                                  
Trollbeads Sea Buckthorn
Trollbeads Smile of Stars                                                                                                 Trollbeads Starry Night
Trollbeads Trunk of Treasures
Trollbeads Unicorn


Below is the list of glass which appears to comprise of two kits. One set of glass features glitter inclusions and is very representative of the colours of the fall season. I am unsure which of the names below fall into which kit.

Trollbeads Dream Away                                                                                 Trollbeads Flaming Meditation                                                                       Trollbeads Hopeful Poppies                                                                               Trollbeads Power of Hope                                                                                       Trollbeads Pure Heart                                                                                                     Trollbeads Purity                                                                                                               Trollbeads Rainbow of Luck                                                                                               Trollbeads Shades of Peace                                                                                         Trollbeads Spiritual Cone                                                                                           Trollbeads Staman of Life                                                                                             Trollbeads Strength of Sunset                                                                               Trollbeads Unbreakable Ties


Trollbeads Feldspar Moonstone – pale coral and faceted?                      Trollbeads Hessonite Garnet – faceted and a deep fiery colour.               Trollbeads Mookaite Energy Kit – red and yellow shades.


A new style of fantasy necklace will debut, called the Trollbeads Changeable Fantasy Necklace.

These new necklaces have interchangeable pendants which look to be glass within silver holders and clip on to the new style Fantasy chain. There appears to be three being launched in this collection – dark blue, dark green and aurora style.


There will be two new locks in the collection, ‘Lock of Wisdom’ and ‘Soft Wind of Change‘.

Other jewellery pieces 

Trollbeads Dragonfly Beauty  – this new design will be available as a bead, ring, earrings and studs.

Trollbeads Blueberries of Youth –  again this new design will be available as a bead, ring, earrings and studs.

Trollbeads Neverending design has been extended to include earrings and rings.

Leather bracelets

Two new colour ways in the original style Trollbeads leather bracelets being released Pumpkin & Grape and Cherry & SageThe Pumpkin & Grape will be nice for Halloween bracelets!


Trollbeads Halloween 2015

Halloween always seems to prove popular with Trollbeads collectors, and this years collection is likely to please those fans. It comprises of just two beads, one silver and one glass.

The silver bead, Heart Catcher, is a cobweb design in the form of a disc shaped bead, featuring a small spider on one side and a small heart on the other. The glass bead ‘Trick or Treat’ is burnt orange in colour with inclusions of a bat, black cat, pumpkin and skull within the bead.

I do not have any information beyond this, however I will get full posts on each release with images as soon as they become available.

Exciting times!

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