Trollbeads Fall 2015 Review

This post bring a review of Trollbeads Fall 2015 collection.

Named the ‘Mythic Nature’ Collection, this release features mythical creatures, woodland flora & fauna, and the night sky. Encapsulated in intricate silvers and stunning rainbow coloured glass, the addition of copper glitter to the glass gives a magical touch.


This article is very pic heavy, but hopefully gives my readers a feel of this beautiful collection.

Please do not reproduce pictures without crediting. 

First up is the Balance of Nature Kit. The first picture is of one single kit, the next photos are two of each bead side by side.

P1040576 P1040555 P1040558

I think this kit is absolutely stunning, and due to the range of colours has the versatility to work in a number of bracelets.

Below is the Phoenix, from the initial stock images I wasn’t overly impressed with the design … but then once I realised that it was meant to encapsulate two beads my impression changed dramatically. The attention to detail is beautiful, particularly to the tail feathers on the back. Here is is nestled between two Feldspar Moonstones. The Moonstones are amazing, close up they have a  lovely iridescent sheen to them.

P1040537 P1040538

Here is the Love Dragon. This is a nice bead however I was slightly disappointed that it was hard to make out the dragon’s face, though this was compensated by the attention to detail on its back. At some point I think a dragon with open wings (in the style of the silver US ‘Wings of Freedom’ bead ) would be nice addition to the collection.

P1040542 P1040543

Next is the Merman of Wisdom and Mushrooms  ….

P1040572 P1040567 P1040566

This photo gives an good idea of the Smile of Stars and Dragonfly Beauty beads. The Dragonfly Beauty is quite a contemporary design and Smile of Stars seems appropriate as we near the darker nights as summer draws to an end.


Trollbeads Unicorn is absolutely lovely, and here are some photos from different angles for you … P1040551 P1040550 P1040549 P1040548

What follows now is a bracelet that I have put together using the new collection and also some older beads …

P1040610 P1040609 P1040613 P1040603 P1040608 P1040606 P1040604 P1040600 P1040597 P1040598

I couldn’t resist just including a couple of photos of the Fantasy Necklace with Amethyst from the Animale Fantastico Collection, as it goes so well with the glass from this release and it really is stunning. Mine is a beautiful rich shade of purple. P1040534




4 thoughts on “Trollbeads Fall 2015 Review”

    1. Hi Laura, I will have to say that my favourite bead is the Phoenix, it looks amazing on a bracelet. The glass are all stunning but the Feldspar Moonstone is beautiful, it has a shimmer within that glistens as it catches the light. It is such a hard choice to make between the glass beads in the Balance of Nature kit as being a mix of colours, they complement each other beautifully and as a set give a beautiful range of light to dark tones. Blueberries of Youth is a really nice bead too . I have the earrings and love them.

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