Trollbeads Retirement 2016

It has been two years since the last Trollbeads retirement list in January 2014.  Once again, Trollbeads have announced that a number of pieces have ceased production and will be retiring from the collection this year.

For a while, these beads will still be relatively easy to get hold of, but once current stocks are depleted, there will be no more available. If there are any of the beads that you would like in your collection, now is the time to look out for any reductions.

Glass Beads

Trollbeads Chocolate & Cream Kit: White Paper Fold, Chocolate Dot, Chocolate Stripe, Nougat Flower, Cappuccino Flower, Cream Armadillo.

Trollbeads Folklore Kit: Whirling Adventure, Flower Clouds, Lake Eye, Lucky Clover, Dew Drops, Fireflies. 

Trollbeads Organic Kit: Purple Wave, Purple Armadillo, Organic Stripe, Organic Bubbles, Coral Stripe, Coral Flower.

Trollbeads Native Elements Kit: Aqua Edge Petals, Green Pod, Orange Pod, Aqua Edge Pumpkin, Red Pod, Aqua Edge Triangle.

Trollbeads Prism Kit: Turquoise Prism, Green Prism, Grey Prism, Pink Prism, Red Prism and Purple Prism. 

Trollbeads Spring Prism Kit: Bright Red Prism, Yellow Prism, Lavender Prism, Lime Prism, Light Turquoise and Denim Prism.

NB. whilst the two prism kits will no longer be available to purchase as a full set, the only prism bead that will no longer be available is the Turquoise Prism. Some of the remaining prisms have been merged into a new kit, the Bright Prism Kit which includes : Lavender Prism, Red Prism, Light Turquoise Prism, Pink Prism, Lime Prism, Purple Prism. 

Silver Beads

Trollbeads Chicken
Trollbeads Planet Small
Trollbeads Brew of the Moor
Trollbeads I Luv U
Trollbeads Yin Yang
Trollbeads Crystal Triangles Pendant

Gold Beads

Trollbeads Ocean
Trollbeads Wine Harvest
Trollbeads Little Scroll


Trollbeads Secret Heart Earrings
Trollbeads Secret Orb Earrings
Trollbeads Triangle Earrings
Trollbeads Ravens of Odin Earrings


Trollbeads Catching Hearts Lock

This isn’t a huge retirement but includes some surprises, particularly the Native Elements Kit from Fall 2014. If you haven’t yet purchased this kit and you would like to then now is the time.

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