About Enchanting Trolls

If you are reading this, you more than likely in some way are interested or intigued by Trollbeads – little silver and glass beads that capture your heart, your imagination and can define all that is you.

Trollbeads allow the wearer to express their life as well as their mood at a snapshot in time – all beads have a meaning and a story behind them and one bracelet can speak a thousand words.

As well as here, you can also follow me on:

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Although this blog officially started in 2013, I have attempted to back fill with information on previous years releases.  Going forward, this blog will provide in depth reviews on new beads and releases, however I also wanted to make it a source of information, both for the past and present.

This blog is not-for-profit, and as such I do not directly advertise for retailers. However, I understand that finding a good retailer and sourcing limited editions or retired beads is important to many collectors. Also, ordering from abroad can be a concern for some people, as it initially was for for me. Therefore, I have included a page which lists retailers that I have had dealings with and trust –  Trollbeads Retailers

Again, whilst I do not advertise retailers directly, you may find news of special offers, editions and new listings which is purely for my readers interest. Some beads, particularly Uniques, Small & Beautifuls and Limited Editions, can sell out very quickly; being aware of these releases is important to collectors who want to secure their choice of bead.

You may also find me cropping up on Joseph Welch Jewellers Facebook page as a guest blogger and content author.   https://www.facebook.com/JosephWelchJewellers

I hope you find the site useful, and please feel free to comment!


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