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Trollbeads Fall, Halloween & other releases

It has been relatively quiet on the Trollbeads front for the past few weeks, but this is all set to change with a full schedule for releases up to Christmas, and the possibility of some extra ones in between.

I do not have any pictures to share with you at the moment, so I will start off with a quick summary of the schedule and then give a bit more detail where I have some.

So, the provisional schedule up until the end of 2015 looks like this:

August 14th 2015 – Trollbeads Animale Fantastico

September 4th 2015 – Trollbeads Fall 2015

September 4th 2015 – Trollbeads Halloween 2015

October 9th 2015 – Trollbeads People’s Bead 2015

November 6th 2015 – Trollbeads Christmas 2015


Trollbeads Animale Fantastico

There has been some confusion as to whether this is part of the Fall 2015 collection, which has been given a staggered release, or a collection in its own right. Given that the collection has its own name, I suppose it could be taken either way.

The collection comprises of a range of fantasy pendants on the style of ‘Night Owl’ and ‘Jewel of the Sea’. The idea seems to be that you can mix and match to create your own mythical / fantasy creature. The designs include cat, elephant, fish, frog and mouse. The designs include a good amount of detailing, which I know is important to many collectors.

Also featuring are two new Fantasy Necklaces including an amethyst, and a green coloured stone. These are similar in size to the onyx fantasy necklace stone as opposed to the Limited Edition Amethyst Fantasy Necklace from 2010.


Trollbeads Fall 2015

This year’s fall collection has been named ‘Mythic Nature’. The name only excites me as this is a combination of my favourite themes.

This is quite a large release and below follows a summary of the collection. Pictures will follow as soon as I have them!


Trollbeads Blueberries of Youth
Trollbeads Curious Kitten
Trollbeads Dancing Butterfly
Trollbeads Dragonfly Beauty 
Trollbeads Holly Berry
Trollbeads Love Dragon
Trollbeads Mushroom                                                                                                       Trollbeads Mermaid of Wisdom                                                                                   Trollbeads Phoenix                                                                                                             Trollbeads Positive Change                                                                                           Tollbeads Rabbit of Magic                                                                  
Trollbeads Sea Buckthorn
Trollbeads Smile of Stars                                                                                                 Trollbeads Starry Night
Trollbeads Trunk of Treasures
Trollbeads Unicorn


Below is the list of glass which appears to comprise of two kits. One set of glass features glitter inclusions and is very representative of the colours of the fall season. I am unsure which of the names below fall into which kit.

Trollbeads Dream Away                                                                                 Trollbeads Flaming Meditation                                                                       Trollbeads Hopeful Poppies                                                                               Trollbeads Power of Hope                                                                                       Trollbeads Pure Heart                                                                                                     Trollbeads Purity                                                                                                               Trollbeads Rainbow of Luck                                                                                               Trollbeads Shades of Peace                                                                                         Trollbeads Spiritual Cone                                                                                           Trollbeads Staman of Life                                                                                             Trollbeads Strength of Sunset                                                                               Trollbeads Unbreakable Ties


Trollbeads Feldspar Moonstone – pale coral and faceted?                      Trollbeads Hessonite Garnet – faceted and a deep fiery colour.               Trollbeads Mookaite Energy Kit – red and yellow shades.


A new style of fantasy necklace will debut, called the Trollbeads Changeable Fantasy Necklace.

These new necklaces have interchangeable pendants which look to be glass within silver holders and clip on to the new style Fantasy chain. There appears to be three being launched in this collection – dark blue, dark green and aurora style.


There will be two new locks in the collection, ‘Lock of Wisdom’ and ‘Soft Wind of Change‘.

Other jewellery pieces 

Trollbeads Dragonfly Beauty  – this new design will be available as a bead, ring, earrings and studs.

Trollbeads Blueberries of Youth –  again this new design will be available as a bead, ring, earrings and studs.

Trollbeads Neverending design has been extended to include earrings and rings.

Leather bracelets

Two new colour ways in the original style Trollbeads leather bracelets being released Pumpkin & Grape and Cherry & SageThe Pumpkin & Grape will be nice for Halloween bracelets!


Trollbeads Halloween 2015

Halloween always seems to prove popular with Trollbeads collectors, and this years collection is likely to please those fans. It comprises of just two beads, one silver and one glass.

The silver bead, Heart Catcher, is a cobweb design in the form of a disc shaped bead, featuring a small spider on one side and a small heart on the other. The glass bead ‘Trick or Treat’ is burnt orange in colour with inclusions of a bat, black cat, pumpkin and skull within the bead.

I do not have any information beyond this, however I will get full posts on each release with images as soon as they become available.

Exciting times!

Trollbeads Event at Joseph Welch Jewellers

On Friday 29th May, Joseph Welch Jewellers will be having an expert glass bead maker from Trollbeads in their shop. She will be making unique beads for 20 lucky collectors!! They will be holding a draw one week before the event to choose the winners.

bead making1 beadmaking2 beadmaking4

How to enter:

Every time you make a purchase from Joseph Welch Jewellers, in store or online, worth £25 you will have your name entered into the draw. There is no limit on how many times you can enter but you can only win once. Purchases made on any items will qualify for entry e.g. a £25 Trollbead will give you one ticket, a £250 pair of diamond earrings will give you 10 tickets! You choose how much to spend and what you want to buy!

Don’t want to leave it to chance??

The first 5 people to spend £300 in store in one transaction will bypass the draw and secure their place. You must request your ticket at the point of purchase.

Here’s what will happen if you win:

You will be contacted immediately and be asked to choose a time slot for your bead to be created, unfortunately this will not be changeable and will be subject to availability. They recommend you aim to keep Friday 29th free just in case your preferred time is not available. You are welcome to go in at any time during the day to watch how these beautiful beads are created and get inspiration for your unique glass bead. They will also have a variety of special offers on during the day.

So go in store (1 South St, Wellington, Somerset TA21 8NR UK), log onto their website ( or give them a call (01823 668666) and start increasing your chances to win this very special experience.


4 For 3 Offer At Trollbeads Cambridge

The ‘4 for 3’ offer from Trollbeads UK has now ended, but if you missed it, fear not! Trollbeads Cambridge are still running the promotion this weekend, but it will end on Sunday.


To coincide with this, Trollbeads Cambridge will also have the new Copper Collection in store to view and pre-order!

Trollbeads campaign image - please do not reproduce without crediting.
Trollbeads campaign image – please do not reproduce without crediting.

Definitely a great opportunity for anyone who can get to the Cambridge Store, though they are also running the promotion on mail order too.

I would love to hear from anyone who has taken up the 4 for 3 offer  … what did you buy??

Trollbeads UK ‘4 for 3’ Offer

Yesterday, Trollbeads UK announced a special promotion in the form of their ‘4 for 3’ offer.  But be quick, it is for one week only!

Trollbeads UK campaign image – Please do not reproduce without crediting.


The offer was announced via their newsletter yesterday in which Trollbead stated, “For 1 week only we are holding a special offer online of 4 beads for the price of 3! Shop our whole range of beads including silver, glass, pearls, precious stones, full kits and even gold to find a special selection of beads for your bracelet for the new season”.

I do not know whether any other Trollbeads retailers will be offering this promotion, but the Trollbeads UK website will ship globally and offers free postage on all UK orders.

This offer will undoubtedly please many Trollbeads collectors in the UK and Europe who either miss out on the current US promotion (buy 3 get one free) or take advantage by ordering online from the US but risk being charged import taxes through customs.

As stated above, the offer is for 1 week only, ending on 16th April 2015.

I would love to hear from any readers who take advantage of this offer what they decide to buy!


Trollbeads World Tour Beads available at Danish Retailer

This post is to alert readers to the fact that Danish retailer Perlen have received further stocks of the Trollbeads World Tour Beads from 2012.



As with any collection, some beads were more popular than others and became very sought after when stocks diminished. Perlen received a re-stock of the entire World Tour collection, though have sold out already at the time of writing.

I took the opportunity to snap up the Iron Wolf (Baltic States) and Mountain Crystal (Switzerland) which I missed initially and then struggled to find later on. Curious as to hype surrounding the ‘Game of Thrones’ TV series, which I somehow missed over the last five years,  I have spent the last month watching the last four years worth of series ready for series five which starts in a couple of weeks. Totally addicted, I have started to create a number of ‘Game of Thrones’ bracelets, and these beads are destined to feature on my bracelet for the House Stark of Winterfell.

If you are still hunting for any World Tour Beads,  please do check out Perlen here:—world-tour/

Bead Sensation based in the Netherlands also have some remaining stock—world-tour/

The World Tour Beads will complement the new City Beads Collection beautifully, so now is the perfect opportunity to snap up the ones that you want to add to your collection before they are gone for good!


Trollbeads Fantasy Necklace Offer

Trollbeads are currently running a promotion on their Fantasy Necklaces, which offers a huge discount.

For anyone wanting to indulge in their first Fantasy Necklace, or for those wanting a second (or third!), this is an opportunity not to be missed.

Normally, a Fantasy Necklace will retail for £120 (80cm), £125 (90cm) or £130 (100cm). The current promotion sees all three lengths retailing at a discounted price of £85 each, and what is more they even include a glass bead worth £25! This means that the 100cm necklace with bead would have a retail value of £155, so by taking up this offer you are saving £70 (about 45% discount)!

The offer is available in the Fantasy Necklace with Pearl or the Fantasy Necklace with Onyx, in lengths of 80cm, 90cm or 100cm. The choices of glass bead include Desert Rose, Ancient Palace or Magical Lamp (all from the Sparkle Kit of Spring 2014).

Necklace of Magic Onyx

Trollbeads stock image - please do not reproduce without crediting.
Trollbeads stock image – please do not reproduce without crediting.


Necklace of Magic Pearl

Trollbeads stock image - please do not reproduce without crediting.
Trollbeads stock image – please do not reproduce without crediting.


Necklace of Mythic Onyx

Trollbeads stock image - please do not reproduce without crediting.
Trollbeads stock image – please do not reproduce without crediting.


Necklace of Mythic Pearl

Trollbeads stock image - please do not reproduce without crediting.
Trollbeads stock image – please do not reproduce without crediting.


Necklace of Beauty Onyx

Trollbeads stock image - please do not reproduce without crediting.
Trollbeads stock image – please do not reproduce without crediting.


Necklace of Beauty Pearl

Trollbeads stock image - please do not reproduce without crediting.
Trollbeads stock image – please do not reproduce without crediting.


I have taken up the offer for an Onyx Fantasy Necklace. I already have two Fantasy Necklaces with Pearl in different lengths and also the Fantasy Necklace with Emerald, but never got round to getting an Onyx version as I tend to wear my Pearl versions constantly. After all, how can you resist such an offer?

Trollbeads People’s Bead 2015

Today saw the announcement of the full details for this years Trollbeads ‘People’s Bead’ contest.



For those of you unfamiliar with this event, it is an annual contest where members of the public get the chance to submit their own design for a bead in the spring, and if they are a winner they will see their bead released in the autumn that year.

This years theme is “Share your passion”. Trollbeads are asking for you to show them what inspires you, makes you happy or fills your life.

The design must be your own original design shown on a chain. To enter you will need to create a Trollbeads account to be able to log in and submit your design before April 6th.

Trollbeads will then select  100 finalists, and the public have the opportunity to vote for their winner from April 17th to April 26th, The winner is announced on September 28th.

The winning designer gets his/her own bead created in 18 carat gold and a $5,000 design prize.’s-bead-share-your-passion


Trollbeads Easter Bracelets Offer

This year, many collectors have been surprised with the theme for Trollbeads Easter collection, as it failed to include the traditional Easter Egg charms.

Despite the dragonic theme of this year’s Easter Collection (which I absolutely love!), Trollbeads have not altogether forgotten about their traditional Easter Eggs.

This year, Trollbeads are running an offer whereby if you buy a Leather Bracelet and Flower Lock, you get a free matching Easter Egg charm.  Some collectors will remember these Easter Eggs as being part of the 2012 Easter Collection. Whether these are a new production of these eggs or are remaining stock from the 2012 collection I do not know.

They are offering 6 styled bracelets, each retailing at £70, in a choice of 36 cm, 41 cm or 45 cm. The colour-ways available are as follows …

Easter Hope BraceletEaster Hope Bracelet

Easter Passion BraceletEaster Passion Bracelet

Easter Magic BraceletEaster Magic Bracelet

Easter Joy BraceletEaster Joy Bracelet

Easter Harmony Bracelet

Trollbeads stock image, please do not rerpoduce without crediting.
Trollbeads stock image, please do not rerpoduce without crediting.

Easter Romance BraceletEaster Romance Bracelet


I actually think just the single Easter Egg on the leather bracelet is quite effective, maybe with just one Easter Bunny on??  I really like the colours of the Easter Harmony and Easter Romance bracelets.

Whilst some collectors may like these, I can also see that collectors who bought the original Easter Eggs in 2012 may be less inclined to buy this set, unless they really wanted another egg or another leather bracelet. A lovely idea though for those new to the brand or those who missed out on getting one of the 2012 Easter Eggs first time around.

This promotion is available in the US as well as the UK. I am unsure of how many retailers are participating in this promotion but these bracelets can be bought directly from the Trollbeads UK website here:

Trollbeads LE Party Time Release

Following on from my recent post giving details of a new Limited Edition Trollbead,‘Festeggiamo’, this post brings details of its wider release.

Image by Trollbeads Roma - Please do not reproduce without crediting.
Image by Trollbeads Roma – Please do not reproduce without crediting.


Initially it seemed that the bead would only be available in store at selected Italian retailers. News then came that the bead would also see a US release, known as the ‘Party Time’ bead, continuing the run of ‘country specific beads’ from last year. Over the past few days, European retailers have also been accepting pre-orders for the bead, to ship from 2nd March (the same release date as the US).

Trollbeads stock image - please do not reproduce without crediting.
Trollbeads stock image – please do not reproduce without crediting.


To date, no information has been available with regards to a release of this bead in the UK. I am waiting for confirmation as to whether or not this bead will indeed be offered to UK retailers, and will update with this information when I receive it.

For those of you in the UK who really want this bead, I would recommend ordering from overseas, just in case it does not become available in the UK. I have ordered mine from Perlen –  they are retailing the bead at £22.45 GBP with free delivery to the UK. From my previous experience, orders arrive within a few days, not much longer than UK internal mail. Here is the link for those of you looking to order:—limited-edition/


Mother’s Day Weekend Extravaganza at Trollbeads Cambridge

This weekend, throughout Friday 27th & Saturday 28th February, Trollbeads Cambridge are hosting a special ‘Mother’s Day Weekend Extravaganza’ event.

Trollbeads Cambridge

Anyone spending over £50, has the opportunity to have their very own  bespoke Trollbead made for them on the day. Sue, one of the lovely Trollbeads Lampworkers will be demonstrating and making Trollbeads throughout the event.

Bead Maker

They have already started taking bookings for beadmaking slots to guarantee them and are happy to take bookings over the phone or via email, but they will be leaving some spare slots for each day too.

With lots going on in store, it is a super event for anyone who can make it. Here are some of the highlights …

  • First ten customers each day (Friday & Saturday) will receive a sterling  silver Trollbeads bracelet completely FREE
  • LIVE Beadmaking demonstrations throughout the day
  • Your very own FREE bead made by Sue on the day (Terms & Conditions apply)
  • A fabulous selection of rare  “Museum” Beads
  • New OOAK kits just arrived instore
  • The full Trollbeads selection – across all of the collection (including X jewellery)
  • Raffle Prizes
  • Lucky Dip
  • Goody Bags
  • Refreshments, bubbles, cake & fun

Phillip, Jasmine and Ebony will all be on hand throughout the event, and through my own experience I can say they are a super friendly and super helpful little team.

To Book Your Place
Call Trollbeads Cambridge on 01223 321114 or email them  at

You can also follow Trollbeads Cambridge on their Facebook page here