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Trollbeads People’s Bead 2012 – Spiritual collection

The People’s Bead 2012 sees a mini collection of 12 pieces with the theme of Spirituality.



All images are Trollbeads stock images – please do not reproduce without crediting.

Here they are individually:

Chakra Colours - Jolanda J. Hos
Chakra Colours – Jolanda J. Hos
Dream Catcher - Silvia Iacurto
Dream Catcher – Silvia Iacurto
Happy Dragon - Allan Bayer
Happy Dragon – Allan Bayer
Feather - Carolyn Brettell
Feather – Carolyn Brettell
Heaven's Garden -Yumi Shimizu
Heaven’s Garden -Yumi Shimizu
Spirit Light - Marta Kubesova
Spirit Light – Marta Kubesova
Loving Light - Kevin Powell
Loving Light – Kevin Powell
Stay Positive - Maria af Rolén
Stay Positive – Maria af Rolén
World Within - Linda Karusso
World Within – Linda Karusso
Rosary - Elisabetta Marini
Rosary – Elisabetta Marini
Prayer - Daniele Celani
Prayer – Daniele Celani
Fantasy Black Onyx
Fantasy Black Onyx