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Following the demise of many UK Trollbeads retailers, it became hard to find any good, local Trollbeads retailers, and so I started to rely more and more on online stores. The main downside to this is not being able to see the beads in person.

Obviously, there is Trollbeads official website and store at , however with smaller independent retailers there can be the benefit of the staff getting to know you and your tastes / preferences in beads. For example, I generally tend to prefer smaller or more compact versions of the glass beads, whereas some people prefer the bigger or chubbier versions. It is amazing just how much variation there can be in the general production beads in terms of depth of colour and size.

Whilst looking for new retailers, I came across Joseph Welch’s store on eBay. The staff are most helpful and more than happy to take photos of individual beads for you to choose from or to hand pick them based on your preferences. I now deal directly with the physical store and have to say that the personal level of service makes them one of the best Trollbeads retailers that I have come across in the UK.  They have a new online store and you can also follow them on Facebook

For beads that are difficult to find within the UK, European retailers are a good place to look. Ones that I would personally recommend are:

Perlen (Denmark)                                           Diamonds4ever (Denmark)                           Bead Sensation (Netherlands)

Kvindens Juvel is the original Trollbeads shop in Denmark, which was owned by Lisa Aagaard.  It was taken over by its current owner, Wivi Clausen, in 2002.

For beads that are US exclusives or I am unable to find in the UK, the US retailer that I have dealt with personally is TrollbeadsAkron. For those of you reading this that are based in the UK, I can highly recommend this retailer if you are at all concerned about ordering beads from outside of the EU.

For Unique (formerly ooak) Trollbeads, the specialist retailer in the UK is Exclusive Bead Store (part of Macrow). They regularly list new batches of uniques and unique amber. Their latest releases can be found at

I am sure that there are many more good retailers, however these are the ones which I can highly recommend based on my own personal experience.

2 thoughts on “Trollbeads Retailers”

  1. Hi 🙂 I would just like to add a tip to your beautiful list. is the original Trollbeads shop in Denmark. They have the best service – and there is always 15% discount on the whole Trollbeads collection.
    They also offer additional discounts in their newsletter – and unique beads on the facebook page…

    They are worth following 🙂

    Thanks for an awesome blog!

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment! Have included the shop details – it would be wrong not to include the original Trollbeads shop! I will follow them from my personal Facebook too! Thank you 🙂

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